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Las Vegas Visitor Authority for January 2022: Visitor Traffic Down 27.5% Compared to 2019

by Calculated Risk on 2/27/2022 01:24:00 PM

From the Las Vegas Visitor Authority: January 2022 Las Vegas Visitor Statistics

With the Omicron variant and continued impacts on the convention group segment, Las Vegas
visitation reached 2.47M, roughly three-quarters of pre-COVID levels of January 2019 but
dramatically higher (+91.2%) than January 2021.

Overall hotel occupancy reached 59.3%, +27.7 pts ahead of January 2021 but -24.7 pts below January
2019. Reflecting the challenged convention group segment, Midweek saw occupancy reach 52.0%,
+29.5 pts vs. January 2021 but -30.1 pts vs. January 2019. As in the past several months, weekends
fared better than midweek as Weekend occupancy reached 74.6%, +26.3 pts ahead of January 2021
and -14.2 pts vs. January 2019.

Reaching $145, January 2022 ADR exceeded January 2021 by +60.1% while lagging January 2019 by
-7.2%. RevPAR reached $86.12 for the month, approx. triple January 2021’s depressed levels but
down -34.5% from January 2019.

Click on graph for larger image.

The first graph shows visitor traffic for 2019 (dark blue), 2020 (light blue), 2021 (yellow) and 2022 (red)

Visitor traffic was down 27.5% compared to the same month in 2019.

Traffic was up 91% compared to last January.

The second graph shows convention traffic.

Convention traffic was down 55.3% compared to January 2019.

Note: There was almost no convention traffic from April 2020 through May 2021.

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